Aerobic System Questions

Why does my Aerobic system smell?
An Aerobic System has to have air in it at all times or the beneficial bacteria will die causing it to smell.
Or, there is too much water running through the system. Common household cleaning supplies or
other foreign, non biodegradable material that was added to the system could be the reason your
bacteria is no longer active. Leaking plumbing such as, faucets and commodes, can also add
excessive water to your system causing it to overload.

How often do I need to have my system pumped?
Usually every 2 to 3 years or whenever an overload occurs. Having company visiting, excessive laundry
or any other reason for added water usage could cause an overload to the system.

Can I save money by pumping only one tank?
No. You can't save money by partially pumping out the system. To correctly pump out a system, all
tanks need to be pumped. Attempting to only pump out one take will cause you to waste money in the
long run and would be a very temporary relief from the already overloaded situation.

My sprinkler heads are losing pressure.
The pump is probably stopped up and needs cleaning or needs to be replaced. Broken pipes or
sprinkler heads could also cause this situation. The life of a pump is typically 3-5 years.

Can I use swimming pool chlorine in my septic system?
No. There is a big difference in pool chlorine and septic system chlorine. They give off different types of
gases and the aerobic chlorine will not kill grass or trees. Be careful when you are filling the sleeve of
chlorine. Do not over fill the sleeve or force the chlorine into it.

How often do I need to put chlorine into my Aerobic system?
How often you refill your chlorine depends on the usage of the system. Check it at least every two
weeks to be sure it has sufficient chlorine.

Do I have to have a maintenance contract with a Septic company or can I maintain my system
Maintenance contracts are required by the state office TCEQ, and have to be on file at your local town.
Having a professional routinely check your system ensures proper operation and health safety.

Is it safe to have the wastewater sprinkled onto my yard
As long as it is maintained properly and is operating correctly with chlorine it is safe.

Conventional Septic System Questions

Why is there nasty smelling water puddling up in my yard?
A surfacing of septic water is caused by the age of the system, over use of water or high ground water
caused by seasonal rains.

What is a lateral line?
A lateral line is a drain field that disperses the septic water into the earth. Lateral lines connect into the
tanks and are buried underground.

Why should I pump my septic system? My neighbor has never pumped his, but mine wont work.
Pumping of a conventional system is the same as pumping out an aerobic system. By pumping out the
system you are taking the solids out to prevent them from stopping up the lateral lines. Soil types and
system types affect the operation of a system, sandy soils work better and longer, than clay type soils
because they drain faster and better than clay. You may have clay soil in your yard and your neighbor
next door has sandy soil and possibly less water usage.

I had my conventional system pumped last week and it is full again.
The lateral fields are full due to high ground water or a failed system which is not allowing the water to
dissipate. There may also be a possible broken or clogged pipe causing it to not drain. Some systems
are designed to use a lift pump which may also be failing.
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